Saturday, December 12, 2009

wiicane user interface: tactile overlay for touch screen monitor

I think that when we should develop a simplified UI to allow audio tactile control of the wiicane controls. There should be a user control screen that is designed to be used in conjunction with a clear tactile overlay.  buttons displayed on the monitor would be also outlined in raised lines that delineate controls to be used in conjunction with speech prompts. the monitor would be mounted on the wall or table at the beginning of the course, and users could initiate sessions and change settings in a fully accessible way. I am picturing groups of blind kids playing with this at a training center, like the Colorado Center for the Blind that I just visited in Littleton. They could keep score, restart a game, and adjust settings as they trained themselves while playing various speed and accuracy challenges. the monitor touch screen could also serve as a big slap panel that a person would hit at the end of one lap. Then, to permit people "swimming" back and forth, we would just have to make another button at the other end and mount that to the pole or to the wall, too. Maybe we can extend the wire out of the light strip and down the wall for the second button and use the control wire from the lights strip also for the button? Zach?

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