Sunday, December 6, 2009

Procedure - draft

Below is the draft of the detailed procedure suggested by Steve to be used at NYISE. I completed the veering procedure first -- and pending feedback, I will create the others. Your comments are necessary.

Procedure for initial trials: veering

1. Staff will check that the pre-trial survey has been completed

2. For the initial trials for veering, the subject will have the goals and procedures of the exercise explained in appropriate language by the staff.

3. Subject will be shown the waist-attaching wii remote. The remote band will be put around the subject’s waist and adjusted to fit comfortably. The remote angle will adjusted to point toward the infrared light strip.

4. Subject will be shown the wiiCane, the imbedded remote, and the shaft. Subject will demonstrate how they move the cane left and right; any wrist rolling behavior will be noted and the subject will be shown how to move the cane with rolling their wrist. (This action is taken now in anticipation of the coverage trials.)

5. Subject (with or without vision) will be shown the customized occluding goggles. The subject will put the goggles on and assisted to adjust them to fit comfortably.

6. Subject will put on the wireless headphones and assisted to adjust them to fit comfortably.

7. Subject will walk, guided, the 30 foot-long straight-line course several times while the procedure is reviewed again.

8. Subject will have the feedback system explained, and the meaning of the feedback terms and chimes.

9. Subject will be asked if they are ready to try the course.

10. With ascent, the subject will walk the course several times, with staff behind them, as they listen and respond to the feedback. The staff will advise the subject of errors in responses to feedback. The subject will be encouraged to continue walking forward when he/she hears feedback. The subject will be prompted to move to the left or right in response to feedback. This will be repeated until the subject appears confident and can travel the course alone.

11. Data recording will begin. The subject will walk the course. At the end of the course, the subject will be guided back to the beginning of the course. Staff will ensure that the student is comfortable and will provide encouragement.

12. Subject will walk the course repeatedly until the 45 minutes expire.

13. Subject will be told the time of his/her next appointment.

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