Saturday, March 6, 2010

design proposal for the tilting belt holder for the center Wii Remote

Here is my idea for a belt holder for the Wii Remote that will go in the center of the user's back.  This one is different from the simpler version for holding the Wii onto the sides of the belt; since this one needs to be able to "see" the light strip, it has to be able to tilt back, so that the camera's view clears the user's body, hair or clothing. The belt has to be pretty tight to keep the belt itself from rotating, which would end up tilting the unit too much, and make it too bouncy. As much as possible, the Wii Remote must be kept stable and as free from bouncing and jiggling as possible, because too much movement will have a negative effect on system accuracy in measuring veering, gait, rotation, and distance. 

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