Saturday, March 6, 2010

belt clip prototype without tilt feature

This picture shows a prototype of the belt holder for the Wii remote units that will be clipped to the user's belt. This is for the upcoming trials at Helen Keller National Center, where we will be testing WiiCane with users who are deaf-blind. Because they can't hear well enough to use audio feedback via wireless headphones, we are experimenting with providing them with vibratory feedback to steer them during veering exercises. This means that the participants will wear one of these belt units on each side, and we will pulse the rumble motors in the Wii remote to signal to them that we want them to correct to the right or the left. This clip grips the belt very snuggly, and so I think that this will lead to good conduction of the vibration to the user's body. While this design is very simple and inexpensive to produce, I don't think that we can also use it for the (third) Wii remote that is being used to "see" the light strip above, because in that case we need the capability to tilt the device backwards for some users so that the camera view is not obscured by their clothing, hair or body bulk (see previous post).  But, for the two side-mounted Wii remotes, this should work better, and will be cheaper to produce.

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