Tuesday, August 25, 2009

wiiCane version 3.0

This new version of the wiiCane is a significant improvement over the previous one. The construction is similar to version 2.0 (machined and welded aluminum), but it is smaller and lighter. the aluminum fixture is very rigid, so you can really feel every nuance of tactile information transmitted up the shaft of the cane. It also seems to be well-balanced, regardless of how you point the wii remote. So, with this design we can experiment with a variety of light placements, including at the goal end of the course, on the floor, on the ceiling, or on the user's body. We now have to decide whether to use the adjustable length cane, or if we should just make four of fived fixed length versions. If everyone agrees that this is a good approach, I will ask Accufab up in Ithaca to make five more, and we can experiment with various finishes and branding strategies (logos, etc.)

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