Sunday, August 23, 2009

WiiCane version 2.0

This version of the WiiCane is made by chopping standard graphite shaft cane and removing an 8" section near the grip. We then installed a custom aluminum fabrication that returns the cane to its original length. the aluminum part holds a pivoting cradle, which in turn holds the Wii Remote device. The device can be pivoted around 360 degrees without significantly unbalancing the cane so that we can test using IR light sources in various positions. In terms of balance, stiffness and general feel, this version is considerably better than the previous plastic one. The tradeoff here was weight. This version is significantly heavier than version 1.0, and so we have re-engineered the part. It will arrive this week from Accufab in Ithaca. I will put together a new prototype for testing and see if the aluminum version will work. The next cane-based question is whether we should use multiple fixed-length canes or if we should try using an adjustable length cane. Gene is looking into that question now.

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