Wednesday, July 1, 2009

wiiCane curriculum pedigogical objectives

Now that we are starting to get more detailed in our understanding of what can be accomplished with the envisioned WiiCane system, we need to start thinking also about how it will be most effectively used in actual teaching. While it is too early to make any decisions about specific lessons or activities, we would be smart to begin developing how instruction with the wiiCane used in a rehab or school setting will probably occur. Gene will be the leader for this part of the work, and I am hoping that he will faciliate a discussion about teaching parallel to the one we are having about the technical aspects. We should start brainstorming about how we image using the system in a teaching environment, because that discussion will shape our decisions about what to emphasize in taking measurements.

As a starting point for this discussion, I suggest that we look at SAL, which is Sally Mangold's curriculum for braille literacy. In that, there are a set of short actitivies that are organized in order of ascending difficulty and skill mastery requirements. I am not sure if the aquisition of travel skills is analogous to learning braille, so it may be the wrong model, but this gives people something to respond to. Gene?

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