Thursday, July 2, 2009

wiiCane version 1.0

This image shows a photograph of our first wiiCane. This is a standard mobility cane that has been modified as follows:

1. An 8" section (just below the grip) of the cane was chopped out.

2. A plastic part was inserted in place of the removed section of the cane. This part looks like two tuning forks connected end-to-end at their tines.

3. A smaller 3d printed part (painted red here) was mounted with screws to the first part so that it can pivot 360 degrees. This smaller part holds the wii device.

The completed wiiCane is slightly heavier than a standard cane, but not so much so that it becomes difficult or awkward to use. It also appears to be well-balanced, regardless of how the wii is rotated in the fixture. Now that we have this assembly, we can begin to do in-depth testing of a variety of different light configurations, so that we can determine which arrangement offers the most options for motion tracking during cane travel exercises.

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