Sunday, June 28, 2009

wiiCane fixture design concept

Okay, here is my idea for how to fix the wii to the cane so that all of my conditions in the previous post are satisfied. This is a two-part plastic assembly. The wii is slid into the pivoting cradle (labled "pivoting section"). There is a matching slot on the device to accept the little track, so you can slide the device in until a click is heard. This occurs when the part labeled "detente" drops into a matching recess on the device. Once the device is in place, it should not tend to slide back out, regardless of the angle that it is held, although this will have to be tested. It's very important that the device be held motionless in relation to the cane. The pivoting section, then, is placed within the fixed section, and 2 pairs of screws with matching threaded sleeves are used to hold this assembly together. When the screws are loose, it is possible to freely rotate the wii (held by the pivoting section) 360 degrees, with minimal blockage of the wii's camera, even when the angle of rotations is almost 0 (in respect to the cane). The camera will be blocked, and the wiiCane unusable, when the device is exactly aligned with the camera, but it seems to me that this does not limit the kinds of light configurations that we will be able to observe and respond to during travel exercises.

If it turns out that everynoe likes this approach, I will have 3D prints made so that we can begin evaluating the parts quickly.

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