Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I just got done meeting with Zach, and we came up with an idea that I think will solve several problems at once. This image to the left shows a customized cane that is designed to hold a Wii remote device so that it can be angled such that the camera is pointing either down towards lights in a strip on the floor, or level, towards lights mounted at the goal end of the course. This allows us to continue to experiment with both versions, and also could end up becoming part of the final product. To make this cane, we propose starting with an adjustable length cane, like the one that Rob Wall Emerson showed us when we visited him last week in Kalamazoo. We would cut out a 6" section of the shaft of the cane near the grip, and replace that with a plastic fork that holds the wii device such that it can pivot. A tightening screw would allow us to fix the angle as needed to account for different configurations of sensing lights, and also to compensate for diffences due to the height of the user and cane length. One nice thing about this is that it should not noticably affect the balance of the cane.

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