Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Notes from March 16 meeting

A short project meeting took place on March 16. In attendance were; Steven, Gene, Ellen, Ting, Dan, and Zach. Discussion centered on methods for providing directional feedback to deaf users of the WiiCane system and integration of the WiiCane and Optotrak systems for testing at WMU. Some brief notes on the discussion:

Gene recapped his headphone tests - two deaf users were unable to feel high- or low-frequency vibrations from the Sennheiser headphones. Gene indicated that he feels the headphone cushions dampen the vibration from the drivers and laid out a few options for making the vibrations felt including; attaching tinfoil to the drivers and removing the headphone cushions.

Dan suggested using two additional Wii Remotes on the user's body to provide additional channels of vibratory feedback. Agreement all around - we'll try this next.

There was further talk of the placement of the Wii remote and infrared illuminator on the cane. Main concerns here seem to be minimizing the effect of the additional weight on the user's cane-handling, and ensuring the placement of the remote doesn't interfere with the user's normal grip. Ellen and Gene gave some direction and Steven will fabricate an adjustable mount to evaluate placement.

We closed with a short discussion about running the WiiCane and Optotrak systems simultaneously. There is some concern that the WiiCane's infrared illuminator will interfere with the Optotrak's infrared-sensitive cameras or that the Optotrak's infrared-emitting markers will interfere with the WiiCane's sensor. Zach will followup with Rob to determine if both systems can be run simultaneously.

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