Sunday, March 8, 2009


I met with Steve today at TG and we reviewed various parts of the project. We visited B&H and purchased wireless headphones, Sennheiser TR/HDR 120, 22 Hz to 19,500 Hz. I will be bringing them to HKNC and trying them an several deafblind students. If the headphones' output works and the deafblind folks can readily identify left/right, then I'd like to try this with the Wii system.

Steve and I also discussed the vibration-motor output on the Wii, which we want to use as an alternative for veering feedback (spoken feedback via headphones as the other system output).

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zeveland said...

Great - I'm curious to hear the response from the deafblind folks.

Even though these headphones lack frequency response controls, you should be able to approximate the effects by tweaking equalizer settings in software. Windows Media Player, iTunes, WinAmp, and all the others will let you adjust the bass and treble levels.

One potential worry is the sleep mode on these particular headphones. According to a review on the Amazon product page, the headphones go to standby after a few minutes of silence or even quiet music. They then take 5-15 seconds to wake back up. Could you confirm how quickly the headphones go into standby mode and how long it takes to come back out?