Wednesday, April 14, 2010

WiiCane April 2010 with built in ferrules

This is the final version of the WiiCane that we will go into production with.  This is the child size version, which adjusts from 32" to 42".  There's an adult version which adjusts to the maximum length of standard canes.

This version is a big improvement over the last one. Here, we have worked with the cane manufacturer, Ambutech, to develop a better way for inserting the aluminum fixture that holds the wii remote device and allows it to pivot.  In the earlier version aluminum collars were welded onto the ends of the fixture; set screws were used to hold the ends of the graphite shafts in the collars. Now, we have an internal threaded sleeve that is pressure fit into the cut ends of the shaft, and two big machine screws hold it all together. Not having the collars makes it look sleeker, and it weighs less.  But the big benefit is that the cane feels a lot more rigid and stable, and should not get loose after repeated banging.

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