Tuesday, November 10, 2009

F u n c t i o n a l i t y

I had a chance today to meet with Zach at the TG office. I was able to expereince the device provide feedback on veering (only). The system worked, if very imperfectly. The belt mounted Wii could reliably detect when I veered and: make a statement for which way to move, and ring a bell when I returned to the middle of the course.

There was a bias to one side, with the feedback kicking in at a wider point from midline, but Zach said that's an easy fix. The feedback wording is still not coming from the user interface screen (so it's always one word, and sometimes wrong), and we could not narrow the tolerance for veering with an input field on the screen, but I know these features are coming. I seriously suggest that the bell sound (which is just like the classic bell at a hotel desk) be replaced with something friendly and encouraging.

It was remarkable to just have the basic thing, in all of its aspects, work.

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