Tuesday, October 20, 2009

optimum criteria for subject selection for testing


I understand you will be visiting some of the sites and meeting with key site personnel.

I suggest you share the criteria below with the administrators and O&M folks so we will have the best chance of success. I hope others respond to this with other ideas or corrections.

- the subject should have the capacity to tap a cane back and forth as they move forward
- the subject should understands the concepts of left and right; or, the subject can move left or right depending on which ear he/she hears a sound.

This is a short list but I think if you present this to the sites they will know which children are appropriate and which are not. We might also ask that teachers work on these skills with the children in anticipation of the testing.I am guessing we can assume we will not get 8 kids at each site that can do these things, but the more the better.

I suspect others might be able to add qualitatively and quantitatively to this post.

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sl said...

gene, thanks for this advice. We will refer to these guidelines (and any others that we all agree to subsequently) at the meeting with Bernadette Kappen at NYISE on November 4. Do you think that this should be given to the teachers up there who will be working with us prior to the meeting, in case it takes them a while to line up the kids?

We also need to discuss exactly what the structure of the tests will be. Now that we have a protocol which will probably be approved by the IRB, we need to get more specific about the scripts and procedures for the actual administration. We need to also bring Ellen,Ting and Annette into this discussion. I will contact Ellen to arrange this.