Saturday, September 19, 2009

belt-mounted Wii remotes

If it turns out that the overhead string of lights works well for tracking cane arc, I would also like to try a belt mounted unit to watch for veering. It may be that we don't need a camera at the end of the course if we could see at least two lights straight up.  Here are some things to consider:

1. if the wii device is mounted on the person's body instead of on the cane, we should be able to determine placement on the course (y-axis), veering (up to the point that lights are no longer visible), rotation in the x-y plane, cane centeredness (by comparing values from both cane and body-mounted sensors.

2. We have to figure out where on the subject's body to attach the wii device. I am thinking that putting it in a belt holster on the midline-rear of the subject's body, because that seems to me to be less likely to be blocked by swinging arms or upper body. But certainly, we will have to test that and it might be necessary to make a special belt that can hold the device at a precise angle.


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